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The First Quarter Heads Up Newsletter is posted! The DAP is one of 34 2020 Best in Class 401(k) Plans.  The full list is posted at:

You will learn more about the DAP’s Best in Class award in the April Heads Up issue. There is also education on how active employees can adjust their savings rate online. This six page issue provides detailed fund information such as  investment performance, management fees, and assets allocations as of December 31, 2019.  Every year we report this detailed fund information to our participants.

There is a commentary from the DAP Investment Advisor, Mercer, that addresses the novel coronavirus outbreak. This message was written as of March 19th and there have been many new developments since that time with regards to COVID-19.

This issue is capped off with a list of several past Heads Up issues with market volatility investment education. Here is a link to these articles:

Watch the Donut, Not the Hole

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

When the Teacup Rattles in the Saucer

Market Volatility – The Millennium Looms

Market Declines – A History Lesson

Put Down that Watch, You Can’t Time the Market

Market Declines – A lesson Revisited

Tips for Surviving the Next Disaster

Staying the Course

Riding Along with the Ups and Downs

What is Market Volatility?


There is an archive of all DAP newsletters under the “Knowledge Center” tab, “Heads Up Library”.

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