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April Empower Retirement Advisory Service; Pre-tax 401(k) versus Roth 401(k) Contributions

January Plan Expense Overview; Cybersecurity Awareness


October FAQs – Lower Participant Account Maintenance Fee and Optional Service Fees; How to Set Up an AUTO RMD

July DAP Celebrating 30 Year Anniversary; Long-term Investing in the Target Risk Funds

April Register Online at; Saving for your future through the DAP

January Annual Plan Expense Review; Staying the Course



October Investing: The Nuts and Bolts; Market Timing; RMD Checklist

July Your New Personalized Web Experience; Key Checkpoints of a Comprehensive Financial Wellness Check-in

April 2021 Plan Investment Performance; Highlighting the Diversified Inflation/Real Return Fund

January Plan Expense Overview


October Cybersecurity Awareness; IRS Required Minimum Distribution Checklist

July DAP – Best in Class 401(k) Plan; Pretax versus Roth 401(k) Contributions

April 2020 Plan Overview & Performance

January Understanding Your Fees & Expenses


October Investing in a Volatile Market; Safeguarding Your Retirement Assets

July CARES Act Provisions Added to the DAP; Investing: The Nuts and Bolts

April Best in Class 401(k) Award and Detailed 2019 Performance

January Tapping into Your 401(k) Can Cost You; November 2019 Performance and Manager Fees


October Select the Right Target Risk Fund for You; Your IRS Required Minimum Distribution(RMD) Checklist

July Analyzing Fund Performance Against Market Benchmarks; Risks of The Market Timing Investment Strategy

April Saving for Retirement; Managing your Required Minimum Distribution

January DAP Celebrating 25th Anniversary providing a Lifelong Retirement Plan


December Saving for your Future; Managing your Required Minimum Distribution

October Understanding Risk Tolerance, Asset Allocation and Diversification

July  Highlighting the Stable Value Fund; Safeguarding your Retirement Plan Account Information

April  What is Market Volatility?; Plan Administration Fee Decrease

January  Investing in your Future through the DAP; Highlighting International Equity Markets


October  Highlighting the Tier III – US Equity Funds; Plan Expense Overview

July    Your new web web experience; Highlighting the Tier III Fixed Income Fund

April   Highlighting the Tier III – Diversified Inflation/Real Return Fund

January  2016 – A Monumental Year for the DAP


October  Highlighting the Tier I – Asset Allocation Funds

July Your DAP 401(k) Plan’s New View!

April More Good News on the Horizon

January  2015 Year-End Review; Stable Value – Structured for Security


October  Building on our Strengths

July  DAP FLYING HIGH! One of the Top 29 401(k)s in America

April  Riding Along with the Ups and Downs

January  A New Journey Begins; KEYTALK Phone System and WEBSITE Quick Reference Guide


July   Nobody Likes Change

April Capturing the Benefits of Risk-Adjusted Return

January  2013 Expense Overview; Sound Familiar?…”I think I can do better for you!”



October  2013 – Best Year Ever for Incoming Rollovers to the DAP

July 20 Years and Counting for the Directed Account Plan

April Stable Value Industry Showing Steady Improvements

January  A Model of Models Approach to Investing



October   Dividend Income in the DAP Model Portfolios

July  Stable Value: Addressing Changes in the Stable Value Arena

April Want to Learn More about Saving for Retirement?

January New Regulation means more Disclosure to Participants


October How Much Risk Can I Really Tolerate?

July What’s on our Participant’s Minds?

April Staying the Course

January A Review of DAP Expenses


October Think Twice Before Taking a 401k Loan; MRDs Are Back; DAP Welcomes Newest Board Member

July Joseph Montanaro 1938-2010; Directed Account Plan Launches New Website

April Introducingthe Retirement Model; New Partial Withdrawal Option

January DAP Changes to Look for in 2010


October Tips for Surviving the Next Disaster; Stable Value Update; Recent Allocation and Manager Changes

July Demystifying Diversification – Is it Still a Viable Strategy?; Keeping Up Contributions in a Challenging Economy

April Questions on the Minds of DAP Participants; New Tax Law Suspends Minimum Required Distribution for 2009

January Welcome Aboard Community America Credit Union; Monitoring our Managers


October Market Declines – A History Lesson Revisited

July The Pursuit of Guaranteed Returns

April Great News! For both Current and Former DAP Participants

January DAP Year In Review 2007; How Stable Value and Wrapper Agreements Work


October Market Timing – Put Down that Watch, You Can’t Time the Market

July Determining Your Distribution Rate

April The Distribution Phase of Retirement Why Consider the DAP Model Portfolios?

January Reviewing the DAP Investment Options


October Thirteen Years Old… And Going Strong!

July Asset Allocation Strategy


January DAP Participant Checklist – Very Important!


October The Transition is Complete…What this Means for You

July Look for Change as We Improve the DAP

April DAP Online Survey Results

January 12 Easy Steps to Preparing your Estate Plan


October Over Ten Years and Still Going Strong

July Managing Your Retirement Online

April The DAP Plan Website has a New Design

January Mutual Fund Scandal and the DAP


October Living in Retirement without Running Out of Money

July Ten Year Anniversary Issue

April The DAP Plan Expense Ratio

January Guide to Retirement Planning


October Market Declines – A History Lesson


November Investing Based on Time Horizon

July Welcome Aboard! The New Interactive TWA Pilots DAP/401(k) Website

March Internet Account Access Coming Soon, Back to Basics


November Market Volatility, The Millennium Looms

July Survey Reveals Common Questions

March Active Versus Passive Investing – not available


November Using International Stocks to Diversify

July Benchmarks – Comparing Apples to Apples

March The Importance of Financial Planning


November Risk and The Sharpe Ratio

July Asset Allocation and a Rebalancing Check ;Reviewing the DAP/401(k)’s Investment Options

May A Historical Perspective on the Model Portfolios

March International Investing


December The Value of One Percent

August Return & Risk – A Three Year Progress Report;Reviewing the DAP/401(k)’s Investment Options

May When the Teacup Rattles in the Saucer; The Risk of Being Out of The Market


October Managing Risk Through Diversification

July The Model Portfolios ; Reviewing the DAP/401(k)’s Investment Options

March Lifetime Saving Through the DAP/401(k)


December Slow and Steady Wins the Race; Buy and Hold as Market Timing; Age 701/2 Minimum Distribution

August Watch the Donut, Not the Hole; Analyzing Performance using Benchmarks; What Does the DAP/401(k) Cost?

April Compounding; Withdrawing at Age 701/2

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