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April 1Heads Up Newsletter – April 2024

January 8Heads Up Newsletter – January 2024


September 21Lower Participant Account Maintenance Fee

July 1Heads Up Newsletter – July 2023

April 5Heads Up Newsletter – April 2023

January 192023 Summary Plan Descriptions

January 19Heads Up Newsletter – January 2023


October 14Heads Up Newsletter – October 2022

July 6Heads Up Newsletter – July 2022

July 5Market Volatility and Downturn Investment Education

April new website experience on May 4th, 2022

March 28Inflation, Diversification and the 60/40 portfolio

March 21Heads Up Newsletter April 2022

February 14Lower Fees in the Vanguard Target Date Fund Series

January 27Market Volatility – Archive of Heads Up Newsletters

January 27Heads Up Newsletter – January 2022 Issue


November 16Fidelity Growth Company lower manager fee

November 16Lower Administrative Fee Effective January 1, 2022

November 5Asset Based Fee Credit to Your DAP Account in November 2021

October – App for Ipad or Mobile Logon

September 27Heads Up Newsletter October 2021 Issue

July 6Heads Up Newlsetter- July 2021 Issue

May 17Lower Fee Share Class of Vanguard Target Retirement Funds – effective 05.12.2021

April 13Heads Up Newsletter – April 2021 Issue

January 8Heads Up Newsletter – January 2021 Issue


October 14Heads Up Newsletter – October 2020 Issue

September 9Account Information Letter Explanation

August 25DAP Plan Overview Presentation

June 16Heads Up – July 2020 Issue Posted

May 14Heads Up – April 2020 Newsletter Posted

April 14CARES Act Provisions for Distributions and Loans added to the DAP

April 13Required Minimum Distributions – 2020 Suspension

March 20Recent Coronavirus Developments

March 16DAP Market Volatility Center

February 4January 2020 Heads Up Newsletter


November 1Retirement Advisory Services

September 20October 2019 Heads Up Newsletter

July 22July 2019 Heads Up Newsletter

April 29Plan Expense Overview

April 29April 2019 Heads Up Newsletter

February 1Year-End 2018 Heads Up Newsletter


December 10Targeting Risk Tolerance through the DAP Target Risk Funds

December 10Recent Market Volatility (as of November 26, 2018)

December 4Market Closed December 5th – Honoring President George H. W. Bush

October 16October 2018 Heads Up Newsletter

September 4Tier IV- Fidelity Growth Company Mutual Fund Share Split

August 3July 2018 Heads Up Newsletter

June 27New Summary Plan Description for the CommunityAmerica and Tru Home Solutions Employee Group

April 5April 2018 Heads Up Newsletter

April 5Participant Account Maintenance Fee Decrease

April 3Plan Expense Overview

January 19January 2018 Heads Up newsletter

January 7December 31, 2017 Performance Posted

January 2Board Organizational Change

January 2November 30, 2017 Performance Posted

January 2Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)


November 28October 31, 2017 Performance Posted

November 1September 30, 2017 Performance Posted

October 26October 2017 Heads Up Newsletter

August 25Plan Expense Overview

August 3July 2017 Heads Up Newsletter

June 29Lower Share Class coming August 1st for the Tier IV – Brandes Intl. Small Cap Stock Fund

June 13International Stock Option – Underlying Fund – Lower Fee Share Class

June 2Great News: has been upgraded

May 101Q17 Performance Posted

April 17April Heads Up Newsletter

April 12Target Retirement Funds News

January 23Fidelity Funds Discontinued

January 192016 – A Monumental Year for the DAP

January 9Web Site Additions


October 21The New and Improved Investment Menu

September 8Comprehensive Brochure with New DAP Investment Menu

August 1Your DAP 401(k) Plan’s new view!

June 27Announcement of DAP Enhancements coming October 3, 2016

June 24Market Volatility

May 18New tab on the DAP homepage – DAP Enhancements

May 9Manager Change in the Growth Stock Option

April 25Improved Investment Menu Coming in October

April 25April Heads Up Newsletter

April 20Manager Change in Diversified Small Co. Stock Option

April 20Manager Change in the Value Stock Option

March 4Manager Change in the Value Stock Option

January 26January Heads Up Newsletter

January 7Required Minimum Distributions (RMD)


November 3BUILDING ON OUR STRENGTHS October Heads Up Newsletter

November 3Welcome New Directed Account Plan Board Members

October 20Mercer Investment Consultants on Board – FAQs

September 24Stable Value Option – Rebalance to Target Allocations

September 15Postcard Announcement of More Good News

September 152014 Summary Annual Report (SAR)

August 12Announcement of Mercer as DAP Investment Consultant

August 2Fidelity Fifty Fund merged with Fidelity Focused Stock Fund

July 24DAP FLYING HIGH! July 2015 Heads Up Newsletter Posted

July 17Advance Notice of System Maintenance – Saturday, July 25th 6:00am CT through Sunday, July 26th 1:00pm CT

July 17Notifications of Investment Option Changes


June 8Manager Change in the International Stock Option

April 152015 Best in Class 401(k) awarded to the DAP

April 15Manager Change in the International Stock Option

April 15Change in the Stable Value Option Target Allocation

January 15Account Statements


December 16Customer Service Phone Number

November 21Minimum Required Distributions (2014)

November 17Periodic Payments as a Form of Distribution

October 21DAP Quarterly Account Statement

October 7Your new Website and DAP Service Center Phone Number

September 29Frequently Asked Questions from the DAP participants

September 15Transition Bulletin and Informational Recordings

August 292013 Summary Annual Report

August 29Transition Bulletin Mailing

August 20International Stock Option – change in target allocation

July 17July 2014 Heads Up Newsletter Available

July 1Who is Great-West Financial Brochure

June 13DAP Recordkeeper Changing from Fidelity to Great-West Financial

April 15DAP Board of Directors Welcomes Jim Rich, Former Chief Investment Strategist – IBM Retirement Funds

April 15April 2014 Heads Up newsletter is now available

January 162013 DAP Plan Expense Overview and the January 2014 Heads Up newsletter are now available


December 20Brandes International Small Cap Equity

December 20Broad Run Mid Cap Growth added to the Growth Stock Option

October 11October 2013 – Heads Up newsletter is now available

October 3Investment Education – JP Morgan Guide to the Markets

October 1International Stock Option – BlackRock EAFE Index replaced with BlackRock ACWI Ex-US IMI Index

September 12Manager Change in the International Stock Option

September 12New Lower Expense Share Class for American Century Intl. Growth

September 12Manager Name Change in the Diversified Small Company Stock Option

August 72012 Summary Annual Report

July 16DAP Celebrating 20th Anniversary – Heads Up Newsletter posted

May 2Fidelity BrokerageLink Option Enhancement

April 17April 2013 Heads Up Newsletter is now available

March 7Two New Managers added to the Diversified Small Co. Stock Option

January 15January 2013 Heads Up newsletter is now available online


December 19Update on Growth Stock Option Manager Change

December 7MRD – Minimum Required Distribution (2012)

December 5Manager Change in the Growth Stock Option

December 5Manager Change in the International Stock Opion

October 29Market Closing Due to Hurricane Sandy on East Coast

October 2New Manager in the International Stock Option

August 20Manager Change in the International Stock Option

August 62011 Summary Annual Report

April 17Neuberger Berman Partners has a New Name

March 7Manager Change in the Diversified Small Company Stock Option

January 18Manager Change in the Value Stock Option

January 18Heads Up Newsletter – January 2012


December 22Happy Holidays

December 22Manager Change in the Value Stock Option

December 14MRD – Minimum Required Distribution (2011)

December 8Fidelity Window Enhancement – K Shares and two new funds

December 5Don Phillips Retires from the Directed Account Plan

November 21Age 70 1/2 Required Minimum Distribution

November 21Fidelity Announces Portfolio Manager Appointments

November 7Fidelity Announces Portfolio Manager Appointment

October 27Fidelity Window Option – New K Share Class Announcement

October 27Fidelity Window Option – Two New Investment Options

September 14Growth Stock Option – Rebalanced

August 22The Summary Annual Report has been mailed

June 2The Roth 401(k) is here


January 25Fidelity Announces Portfolio Manager Appointment


December 9Change in Allocation in Diversified Small Company Option

November 16Fidelity Window Change

November 1Fidelity Announces Portfolio Manager Appointments

October 1Manager Change in the Diversified Small Company Option

September 16Recent Changes to the Directed Account Plan

February 12Minimum Required Distribution Q&A, letters to participants concerning MRDs

February 5Fidelity Window Fund News – Fidelity Announces Fund Name Changes

January 21Fidelity news about the suspension of minimum required distributions (MRDs) for 2009

January 8Fidelity Window Fund News – Fidelity Announces Fund Name Changes


November 13Fidelity Window Fund News – Fidelity Japan Smaller Companies Fund

October 9Manager Changes in September

August 14Manager Name Change

June 9Legg Mason Opportunity Fund Terminated

April 24Fidelity Window Fund Re-opens


December 13December Manager Changes

June 7New Manager in the International Stock Option

April 18New Manager in the Value Stock Option

March 15New Manager in the Diversified Small Co. Stock Option

January 5Two New Managers in the Growth Stock Option


August 29Termination of the TCW Select Equities

March 23Things are improving!!


December 29Value Stock Option Changes

December 6Excessive Trading Policy

October 20Value Stock Option Changes

September 1Diversified Small Company Stock Option Changes

April 28Rollover Policy


December 7International and Diversified Small Company Option Changes

May 18Fidelity Disruptive Trading Policy

April 1New Combined Distribution and Installment Form


October 2New Manager in the Growth Stock Option

April 17Manager Change, Manager Name Change, and New Trading Rules

February 242002 Plan Expense Overview


July 1NEW International Investment Managers

April 22Monthly Statement & Summary Plan Description Mailing

April 8Directed Account Plan Update

January 23Directed Account Plan Update


December 12Plan Receives Favorable IRS Determination Letter


August 30Termination of 401(k) Plan – October 31, 2001

August 242000 Expense Overview

July 9June Performance Insert and DAP/401(k) Update

June 1Manager Change

May 21Questions & Answers

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