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The current market volatility, and negative financial markets are weighing heavily on the minds of 401(k) investors.  This is not the first time that 401(k) Plans have experienced uncertain financial markets.


In fact, the DAP 401(k) participants have had to navigate many market downturns during their 29 years of investing to and through retirement.  Historically, the declines worked themselves out and the financial markets trended upward over time. Please take time to read these 18 Heads Up newsletter articles pulled from the archives going back to 1994. When the markets go down, it is a good time to re-educate ourselves on this important investment topic.


Investing in a Volatile Market – October 2020 Heads Up Issue

The Risk of Market Timing – July 2019 Heads Up Issue

Understanding Risk Tolerance – October 2018 Heads Up Issue

What is Market Volatility – April 2018 Heads Up Issue

Riding Along with the Ups and Downs – April 2015 Heads Up Issue

Staying the Course – April 2011 Heads Up Issue

Tips for Surviving the Next Market Disaster – October 2009 Heads Up Issue

Does Diversification Still Work? – July 2009 Heads Up Issue

Market Declines – A History Lesson Revisited – October 2008 Heads Up Issue

Market Timing – Put Down that Watch – You Can’t Time the Market – October 2007 Heads Up Issue 

Market Declines – A History Lesson – October 2002 Heads Up Issue

Investing Based on Time Horizon – November 2000 Heads Up Issue

Market Volatility – The Sky Isn’t Falling – November 1999 Heads Up Issue

Covering Risk – November 1997 Heads Up Issue

Return and  Risk – April 1996 Heads Up Issue

When the Teacup Rattles in Its Saucers – May 1996 Heads Up Issue

Slow and Steady Wins the Race – December 1994 Heads Up Issue

Watch the Donut not the Hole – August 1994 Heads Up Issue

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