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This means approval of the Plan Amendment filed last summer that includes a new name, a new plan sponsor, a 401(k) structure for the old DAP, and a self perpetuating Board of Directors for governance.

This Plan is completely independent from TWA Inc., TWA LLC, ALPA, and American Airlines. You remain 100% vested in your account balance.

  • Name Change: TWA Pilots Directed Account Plan to The Directed Account Plan (DAP).
  • Plan Sponsor: Community America CUSO One, LLC has been added as a plan sponsor.

Watch for a new Summary Plan Description (SPD) to be mailed out in early 2002 with a review of Plan features.

A new Annual Statement will be mailed in January that will provide a December 31, 2001 balance and summarizes your transactions for the year.


The MFS Institutional Research Fund has been terminated as an investment manager in the Growth Stock Option. Those assets have been moved to the BGI Growth Index Fund (tracks the S&P 500 and Russell 1000 Growth Index) until the Board of Directors reallocates those assets at the First Quarter 2002 Board Meeting. Future manager changes will be announced on this site.

New Growth Stock Option Allocations *

BGI Growth Index 35%
Janus Fund 15%
MFS Instl. Mid Cap Growth 10%
Turner Mid Cap Growth 10%
Marsico Focus 15%
Vanguard US Growth 15%

* Individual manager details can be found under Fund Fact Sheets

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