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The Directed Account Plan Board of Directors adopted a policy that allows a maximum 20% target allocation to any actively managed equity fund. This new policy required an adjustment to the target allocations in the International Stock Option, effective 12/6/04, as follows:

American Century International Growth 20%
American Century International Discovery 20%
First Eagle Overseas 18%
Longleaf Partners International 12%
Templeton Instl. Foreign Equity 20%
BGI EAFE Index 10%

State Street Research Aurora S was terminated from the Diversified Small Company Stock Option on 12/6/04. The change was due to a recent ownership transfer at State Street Research and the reorganization of company and our portfolio management. The assets of this option were reallocated as follows:

Franklin Small Cap Growth II 20%
Royce Opportunity 15%
Dimensional US Micro-Cap Portfolio 15%
Janus Small Cap Value Instl. 20%
BGI Small Company Index 30%

It is anticipated that the allocation to BGI Small Company index will be reduced when a small cap growth manager search is completed. The BGI Small Company Index tracks the Russell 2000 Total Index.

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