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Transition Bulletin Mailing  – The Directed Account Plan Board of Directors has selected Great-West Financial as the new provider of recordkeeping, communication, and investment education services effective October 3, 2014. The  DAP Board of Directors will remain the Plan fiduciary and controls the investments, which are not changing, as well as the funds that are made available. The DAP also controls the types of investments available in the Self-Directed Brokerage Account. BNY Mellon will remain the trustee for all of the investments in the DAP. The links below contain all of the information that was included in the mailing.

Transition Bulletin

Disclosure of Plan Fees –

This Disclosure of Fees Notice reports all of the participant level fees. Your distributions will not change on Great-West’s recordkeeping platform unless you make a change. The wiring fee that is reported on this report pertains only to wires. There is not a participant level fee for the standard form for receiving distributions which is by check or EFT (electronic funds transfer) direct depo (Discover sit.  QDRO stands for Qualified Domestic Relations Order entered into upon a legal separation or divorce. This fee pertains to those requesting QDRO services. The loan maintenance fee and loan origination fee pertain to CommunityAmerica employees who originate a loan after October 2, 2014.

Plan Blackout Notice


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