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Longleaf Partners International (LLINX) and First Eagle SoGen Overseas (SGOIX) have been added to the International Stock Fund Option. A reminder that there is a 1% redemption fee on funds transferred out of this option within 30 days of original purchase. The following allocation applies to the International Stock Option: (click on manager names to go to manager web sites)

Amer. Cent. Intl. Discovery -TWEGX 25%
Amer. Cent. Intl. Growth – TWIEX 20%
Janus Overseas – JAOSX 15%
First Eagle SoGen Overseas – SGOIX 10%
Longleaf Partners International – LLINX 10%
Templeton Instl. Foreign Equity – TFEQX 20%

The following allocations apply to the Growth Stock Option:

MFS Instl. Mid Cap Growth – MCGEX 10%
Turner Mid Cap Growth – TMGFX 10%
TCW Galileo Select Equities – TGCEX 20%
Marsico Focus – MFOCX 20%
BGI – Growth Index 40%

Contact the Directed Account Plan Office at 314-739-7373 if you have any questions.

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