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The remaining real estate in this option has been liquidated. The assets were transferred to your Moderate Portfolio Option on March 28, 2002 as called for in the Plan Document. You may reallocate your account as desired using Benefits Express or the Interactive Web Site ( The Real Estate and Other Option is closed.


The Growth Stock Option has been adjusted with a new manager. Janus Fund has been replaced with TCW Galileo Select Equities I (TGCEX). Check the fund fact sheets on this site for TCW Galileo Select Equities Fund Information. The managers in the Growth Stock Option are allocated as follows:

TCW Galileo Select Equities I 10%
MFS Instl. Mid Cap Growth 10%
Marsico Focus 15%
Turner Mid Cap Growth 10%
Vanguard US Growth 15%
BGI Growth Index 40%

Contact the Directed Account Plan Office at 314-739-7373 if you have any questions.

Directed Account Plan Update

Please review the information to stay informed of any plan activity.

  • NEW Summary Plan Description (SPD) -This booklet is at the printers and will be mailed to your address of record by April 19th.The SPD will give you an overview of Plan features including taking distributions with details of our investment structure and managers. Please retain your copy for future reference. Replacement copies will be available from Benefits Express and the Web Site.
  • First Quarter 2002 STATEMENT-The accompanying statement is the first of three quarterly DAP statements to be mailed in 2002. You can expect three quarterly and one year-end statement each year. You may also receive a statement on demand anytime and more detailed account information by visiting the Web Site with your social security number and personal identification number (PIN).
  • Real Estate Option– 100% of the real estate has been liquidated and this option has been closed. Assets in the Real Estate and Other Option were distributed to your Moderate Portfolio on March 28,2002. This is reflected on the accompanying statement. Transfers from this option or reallocations can be made daily with Benefits Express or on the Web Site.
  • LOANS – Loans are no longer available from the DAP. Existing loans must be repaid quarterly to Benefits Express. No payment received by the end of the quarter will result in a loan default with the loan balance being considered distributed as income in the year of the default. Make your loan payment a few days early each quarter to avoid any chance of a late mail causing a default. Quarterly loan payments do not have a grace period for repayment.
  • GROWTH MANAGER CHANGE– The Janus Fund in the Growth Option is being replaced with TCW Galileo Select Equities I. The ticker for this new fund is TGCEX. Additional fund information is available at in the “Fund Fact Sheets”. A great deal of plan information is available for your review on this site. Use the ” contact us” link to ask any DAP related questions or to send us your comments.
  • PERFORMANCE-The above numbers reflect improving option performance YTD after a strong March except for Growth. The Board has been reviewing this option and as evidenced by the above manager change is attempting to improve returns. In First Quarter 2002, the S&P500 was up 0.27%, the Russell 2000 up 3.99%, the Wilshire 5000 up 0.96%, and the EAFE up 0.51%. Most of our options outperformed their benchmark. Compare your own performance accordingly.
  • Investment/Retirement Seminar-Mark your calendar for June 12th in St Louis. DAP, retirement and estate planning plus investment education from Fidelity advisors will be presented from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (CST). Doughnuts and coffee will be served from 8:30 am – 9:00 am. Call the DAP Office to reserve your seat-Spouses welcome!
  • Benefits Express-1-877-4TWADAP (1-877-489-2327)

Directed Account Plan Office-1-314-739-7373

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