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The new April 2022 Heads Up newsletter is posted.

2021 Plan Investment Performance; Highlighting the Diversified Inflation/Real Return Fund

This newsletter reviews the DAP investment option menu and 2021 investment performance. The 2021 financial markets were strong and the DAP investment options performed well as you will see in pages two through five of this newsletter. But 2022 presents a much different picture as our country experiences the biggest surge in inflation in nearly 40 years. Therefore, this Heads Up feature article starts with an excerpt from the Empower Retirement Insights article titled, “Six Things You Need to Know About Inflation” and ends with a focus on a DAP investment option that was created as a hedge against inflation – the Diversified Inflation/Real Return Fund.

All of the past Heads Up Newsletters are posted under the Knowledge Center Tab, in the Heads Up Library. Here you will find investment education that transcends time.

Performance and investment details are updated monthly on this website under the Tracking Investments tab.

Please call the DAP Office at 314-739-7373 with questions.

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