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Is there a way I can view all the expense ratios for each DAP/401k fund choice?

No, each option NAV is charged about 10 basis points annually for Trust,Record keeping,Administration and Communication. Above that it would depend on which option because of the managers within that option. The Equity Index Option for example would be 10 basis points plus 9 basis points for investment management. The Growth Option would be 10 basis points plus the expense ratio for each of the managers we use in that option. Expenses are subtracted prior to performance each day when computing the NAV. Research on each fund would give you the expense ratio. We do not use that number since it is already factored into the NAV of the mutual fund when we value our options.

Do we get a discount on the Fidelity funds expenses when we use the window?

No but you do have access to some load funds without paying the sales charge.

What are these expense ratios?

Fidelity should provide this information. It is also available on their web site but requires your individual research.

Do we get a discount on the expenses when we use the brokerage option?


Do the expense ratios we provide include all costs such as Benefits Express admin fees, fund marketing fees, DAP/401k office costs, etc?

Yes, our average cost in 2000 was approximately 51 basis points for everything. Again, your exact cost would depend on which options you use and for what period of time.

When I retire, can I roll my American Supersaver funds into my DAP?

No, Rollovers from the Supersaver will probably be allowed to another qualified plan (if acceptable by that plan) or an IRA. Generally-a rollover to a qualified plan such as the DAP would not be possible unless you are employed by the Plan Sponsor. At this time there are no plans to seek the IRS approval that would be needed for such a rollover.

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