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2020 May Detailed YTD Performance

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020
 YTD 5/31/20
Stable Value Option            1.1%
Invesco Govt. Agency Port MM             0.3%
Invesco Managed Account             1.1%
BofA Merrill Lynch 91-Day T-Bill            0.6%
Fixed Income Fund             3.7%
Dodge & Cox Core Fund  MF            3.9%
Prudential Core Plus  CIT            2.8%
Western Asset Core  MF            4.2%
SSgA US Fixed Income Index Fund  CIT            5.6%
Barclays Universal Bond           4.3%
Diversified Inflation / Real Return Fund         -11.1%
Vanguard Short TIPS  MF            1.2%
SSgA Inflation-Protected Securities  CIT            4.7%
SSgA Global REIT  CIT         -22.6%
Frontier Magellan Infrastructure  MF          -8.8%
SSgA Natural Resources  CIT         -19.2%
SSgA Commodities  CIT         -16.8%
Barclays US TIPS 0-5 Year            1.2%
Large Cap Core Stock Fund          -5.3%
Macquarie Large Cap Value  CIT         -14.4%
T. Rowe Price Large Cap Growth  MF            5.0%
Columbia Large Cap Contrarian  CIT           -3.3%
Touchstone Large Cap Instl  MF          -9.8%
SSgA S&P 500 Index  CIT           -5.0%
S&P 500 Index          -5.0%
Small / Mid Cap Core Stock Fund          -8.8%
TS&W Collective Investment Trust  CIT         -23.9%
William Blair SMID Growth  MF            0.5%
Atlanta High Quality SMID Cap  MF         -11.4%
Brown Small Co. Instl.  MF          11.4%
Segall Bryant & Hamill Small Cap Value Fund  SA        -18.6%
Wellington Mid Cap Core  CIT         -6.8%
SSgA Russell 2500 Index Fund  CIT         -9.4%
Russell 2500 Index        -13.5%
International Stock Fund        -11.0%
MFS International Value  MF         -1.9%
Artisan Non-US Growth  CIT       -11.8%
Lazard Global Managed Volatility  CIT       -12.5%
Aberdeen Emerging Markets Equity  CIT       -17.0%
TS&W International Small Cap  CIT       -16.9%
SSgA Global All Cap Equity ex-US Index  CIT       -14.8%
MSCI ACWI ex US IMI net        -14.9%
Income Fund          -0.3%
Income Composite Index          -1.2%
Conservative Fund          -1.8%
Conservative Composite Index           -2.2%
Moderate Fund          -4.9%
Benchmark          -4.7%
Moderate Composite Index
Aggressive Fund         -6.8%
Aggressive Composite Index          -6.6%
Index Funds
SSgA U.S. Bond Index Fund  CIT            5.6%
Blmbg. Barc. U.S. Aggregate            5.5%
SSgA U.S. Inflation Protected Bond Index  CIT            4.7%
Blmbg. Barc. U.S. TIPS            4.8%
State Street Russell All Cap Index  CIT          -5.7%
Russell 3000E Index          -5.6%
SSgA Global All Cap Equity ex US Index  CIT        -14.8%
MSCI AC World ex USA IMI (Net)        -14.9%
Specialty Options
Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund  MF          0.4%
ICE BofAML 3 Month U.S. T-Bill          0.6%
Metropolitan West Total Return Bond Fund  MF         5.4%
Blmbg. Barc. U.S. Aggregate          5.5%
DFA Inflation-Protected Securities  MF          5.1%
Blmbg. Barc. U.S. TIPS         4.8%
Columbia High Yield Bond Y  MF        -4.6%
ICE BofA Merrill Lynch High Yield Master       -5.7%
AB Global Bond Fund Z  MF         1.1%
Blmbg. Barc. Global Aggregate Index (Hedged)          3.4%
Boston Partners Large Cap Value  CIT       -17.6%
Russell 1000 Value Index       -15.7%
Fidelity Growth Company Fund K  MF         15.0%
Russell 3000 Growth Index        4.5%
Ceredex Mid Cap Vale Equity  CIT        -21.0%
Russell Midcap Value Index        -19.0%
Janus Henderson Enterprise N  MF         -6.5%
Russell Midcap Growth Index           1.8%
Goldman Sachs Small Cap Value R6  MF        -25.8%
Russell 2000 Value Index        -25.6%
Fidelity Small Cap Growth Fund K6  MF          15.0%
Russell 2000 Growth Index         -6.6%
Lazard Global Managed Volatility  CIT        -12.5%
MSCI World (Net)         -8.2%
Boston Partners Global Equity Fund Inst  MF        -19.4%
MSCI World (Net)         -8.2%
Lazard Intl Strategic Equity Portfolio Inst  MF        -14.4%
MSCI EAFE (Net)        -14.3%
TS&W International Small Cap  CIT        -16.9%
S&P Developed Ex-U.S. Small Cap        -14.7%
Aberdeen Emerging Markets  CIT        -17.0%
MSCI Emerging Markets (Net)        -16.0%


Heads Up – July 2020 Issue Posted

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

The Second Quarter Heads Up newsletter is posted!

CARES Act Provisions Added to the DAP; Investing: The Nuts and Bolts

This Heads Up Newsletter is posted under the Knowledge Center Tab, in the Heads Up Library. Here you will find all of the Heads Up newsletters, providing investment education that transcends time. This issue explains the COVID-19 related CARES Act provisions added to the DAP to provide support to our participants during this unprecedented time.  There is also an article covering the nuts and bolts of investing.

Performance and investment details is updated monthly on this website under the Resources & Planning tab. There is also monthly performance posted under the Tracking Investments tab.

Please call the DAP Office at 314-739-7373 with questions.